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Regional Freight Productivity Project 2021

The SA Freight Council has been funded by DPTI to undertake a Regional Freight Productivity Project to improve the transport and logistics efficiency of freight generating sectors towards achieving the state growth targets outlined in the Joyce Report. The project will support future state infrastructure and sectoral planning activities by providing problem/opportunity statements that will define future regional freight challenges for South Australia.

The Aim of the project is:

‘To provide an improved understanding of future freight challenges in regional South Australia, including linkages to key export gateways, to enable timely interventions that support the state’s growth agenda’

It will do this by providing outputs that contribute to the objectives of a number of key state and national planning/strategy documents including the 20 Year State Infrastructure Strategy, the Joyce Report, the National Freight and Supply Chains Strategy and Action Plans and others.

An integral part of the project is holding regional forums in conjunction with local RDAs to identify the top freight issues in each region, with a focus on those that are not already known and/or on the agenda.

These forums will be held from late February to April in:

For more specific information, click on the forum you wish to attend.

To read more about the project in it's entirety, see here.

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